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We are excited and proud to bring one of the greatest archery experiences to the incredible Arizona Nordic Village in Northern Arizona.  Four awesome courses will be set in some of Arizona's best terrain for hiking and hunting.  The varying terrain, obstacles and interesting angles will test your skill and make for an awesome day with your bow.
All courses are built from scratch each year to ensure a different course experience for returning shooters.


16+ targets ranging from 20-60 yards.  While the shots are closer in yardage, they are still very realistic and challenging.  Plenty of threading the needle through obstructions and  around obstacles.


20+ targets that are a great mix of all three other courses and represent actual hunting scenarios very well.  As always, you can walk CLOSER to any target to make the shot within your comfort zone.


20+ targets ranging from 35-125 yards.  These longer shots are always favorites at the there is an entire course dedicated to them and the bottom of your sight tape.


This is the most challenging course at 3+ miles and 20+ targets.  It has some arduous hiking and difficult, long range shots with at least two over 100 yards...this is what hunting in the West is all about.


You are required to choose a course and time to begin your day of will have access to all the other courses throughout the day once you complete the first course chosen.  Most people can shoot two courses in a day, while those in above average physical condition can shoot three and maybe even all four in a single day.  Please do not check in before the time chosen at registration...earlier time slots fill up quickly, and once filled, they are closed for registration.  This system is our best attempt to mitigate long lines and keep you shooting your bow.
We do our best to provide a large vendor area with a diverse group of people from several areas pertaining to hunting and archery.  We are not promising any specific vendor or any number of them.  We are not responsible for those that do not uphold their commitment or cancel at the last minute for any number of reasons.
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$35 Adult / $25 Youth / $10 Non-Shooter


Access to the courses, warm-up area and the vendor mall for an entire day. 


During registration, you will be required to choose a course and check-in time to begin your day of shooting.  Once you shoot this starting course, you have access to the rest of the courses throughout the remainder of the day. 


You can shoot as many courses as you like, most people can shoot two courses per day.

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$70 Adult / $0 Youth / $15 Non-Shooter


Access to the courses, warm-up area and the vendor mall for the entire event. 


As with the one-day pass, you will choose a starting course and check-in time each day, then you are allowed to shoot the rest of the courses throughout the remainder of the day.

Total Access Pass also INCLUDES the following perks: 

  • 2x FREE passes for Youth Shooters  (ages 6-15)

  • 3x FREE Raffle Tickets

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Limited lodging and camping is available at the Arizona Nordic Village.  Please contact them directly at (928) 220-0550 for more information, pricing and availability. 

Ski Lift Lodge & Cabins is also nearby.  The facility is small, so reserve early.  Please contact them directly at (928) 774-0729 for more information, pricing and availability.


Dispersed camping is also widely available in the area, all National Forest rules apply.  Further lodging from nearly every major hotel chain is available in the city of Flagstaff. 




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