Angelfire Ski Resort, New Mexico
May 8-10, 2020

We are proud to bring one of the greatest archery experiences to the incredible Angelfire Ski Resort in Northern New Mexico.  Three awesome courses will be set in some of New Mexcio's best terrain for hiking and hunting.


Courses range from 2-5 miles each and the varying terrain makes for an awesome day with your bow.  Plenty of shots will test your skill with possible obstructions, steep angles and possibly even taking a knee to get the view for the shot.    During registration, you will choose your course start time...this hour is when you can enter the courses and begin your day.  You can shoot one course, two different courses, or attempt all three.  Most people shoot two courses in a day, while those in above average physical shape can shoot all three in a single day. 

Rinehart course - hikes through towering pines and open meadows to 20 targets ranging from 20-70 yards.  While the shots are closer in yardage, they are still very realistic and challenging.  Plenty of threading the needle through obstructions and  around obstacles. 

Southwest course - approximately a 3 mile hike through trees and over rocky ledges with 20 targets ranging from 25-100 yards.  These longer shots are always favorites at the there is an entire course dedicated to them.

HHA course - this is the most challenging course at 3+ miles and 20 targets.  It has some arduous hiking and difficult, long range shots with one at over 100 yards.


The 3-shot Challenge Course will definitely raise an eyebrow or two...nail the shot and go home with some great prizes from our sponsors.  Shoot one, or test your skill at all three!

Warm-up and sight-in range available all day to get your shoulders and your gear dialed in. 

Lodging is available, and Angelfire Reort has been gracious enough to provide very special rates for our participants.   Reservations are strongly encouraged, Please contact Angelfire Reservations directly at ( ) ____ and give them promo code _________.


Plenty of tasty food and drinks will be available during the event, however, you are welcome to bring whatever you think you will need.  Please see the FAQ page for additional suggestions.

Terrain: Grasslands and Pine Forest /  Easy trails and steep, rocky descents

Courses open - 8am / Last entry to any course - 4pm

Total Tickets Available: 2250 (750 per day)

Adult Shooter - $40 | Young Shooter (under 17) - $25 | Non-Shooter - $10 




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